Atop The 4th Wall is a review series done by Linkara, and his forte is that of bad comic books. He's not about to run out of material anytime soon, and not just because DC and Marvel were around for the 90s either. There are a plethora of bad comics by other companies that Linkara has reviewed, and he does it with intelligence and humour.

The Spoony One is a wild and diverse reviewer, doing everything from games old and new, to movies, with a penchant for old, 80s action types. He became most famous, or infamous depending on who you ask, for his review of the aweful Final Fantasy 8 game, but he's so much more than that. His video rants on the Twilight movies alone are a thing of pain and beauty, picking apart everything that's wrong with it, and his interviews with game developers are smart and insightful, a rare thing in gaming news these days.

The Angry Joe show is primarily a review series dedicated to games, and the dude pulls no punches! He reviews all the new stuff across all platforms, interviews industry leads and game developers, and even has time for a movie review here and there. His schtick may be anger, but do not underestimate him as he is a very intelligent reviewer.

Ahhh, this is the grand master site of movie reviewers. The Nostalgia Critic not only does a wide variety of skits, specials, and reviews, but he collected a fine bunch of people who branch out into games and movies that he himself normally does not review. Seriously, this is the nexus of good reviewers on the website and has come a long way since its inception wayyyy back in 2008.

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