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Episode 1
Batman/Superman: Public Enemies

This was my first review, and as such there are a number of flaws with it that I later learned to work out of my reviews. I still like it as I review a rather fan-centric direct-to-DVD movie of Public Enemies, a storyline from the Batman/Superman comic book series in which Superman is framed for a crime he did not commit. He must team up with Batman in order to clear his name, defeat US President Lex Luthor, and stop a giant comet made entirely from kryptonite from crashing into the planet!

There's much action, horrible character designs, more plotholes than Minority Report, and the absolutely horrendous treatment of Power Girl!

Episode 2
Hulk Vs Wolverine

In a movie featuring one of the most talked about hero battles of Marvel, this movie should have been entitled Wolverine's Origin, and oh yeah, the Hulk is here too. Logan a.k.a. Wolverine is sent out into the woods of Canada to find and stop the Hulk! Will he stop the Hulk? How did he get his adamantium-laced skeleton? Will he find a good liquor store that's open at such a late hour and get a decent brew like all good Canadians desire? All of these and more will be answered... maybe.

Episode 3
Green Lantern: First Flight

It's a first for the Big Wired series as I delve into Green Lantern: First Flight! Of course, that doesn't stop me from poking fun at all the silly bits. Tune in to see just how Hal Jordan became the Green Lanter of Sectoor 2814, how he first met Sinestro, and just where one goes for a decent cup of coffee in the far corners of the galaxy.

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