All About Me

So who is this mysterious stranger, Triple J, who reviews animated superhero features and does short, drunken reviews of small, cool toys? Lets find out...

There's honestly not a whole lot to tell about me. I'm a university student who thought that I would be going on to teach English overseas to pay off student loans as well as work my way to a PhD in International Studies. However, a year over in South Korea quickly ended that idea, and I was working on my electrical apprenticeship until the economy took a dive. Now, I'm working at a coal mine up in Northern British Columbia, in a small town where high speed Internet is little faster than dial-up, and saving up money to engage on yet another career.

I only recently got into doing video reviews after watching a whole lot of them by reviewers suck as Linkara, Spoony, the Nostalgia Critic, and Angry Joe. One thing I noticed after watching them all was that they were not reviewing animated superhero films and cartoon shows, and it was there that I decided to carve out my niche.

I love superheroes, and have been a fan of them since I could read and watch TV. The first superhero I remember watching was Spider-Man, the original series released by Marvel in the 60s. I loved everything about that series and I still look fondly upon it today whenever I see it on reruns.

After all, who can't love that theme music? It's iconic!

I also admit to liking, nay, preferring animated superheroes over the majority of comics these days because the majority of comics today are either written by bad writers or good writers forced to write bad stories by editorial mandate, and it's all missing a genuine sense of fun. Cartoons are about the best way of reclaiming that fun, and so I wish to educate people on those animated features that are good and warn about those that are bad, and even discuss somewhat okay movies that fail to reach a higher level of quality due to inconsistent writing. So with that, lets go watch some cartoons and have some fun!


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